Roxstar was born under the wind of an island, in the mind of the architect Alain Meylan who dreamed of a boat to slip on the water, feel it, almost touch it with his hand. This 40-meter luxury yacht impresses by the strength of its large sails of nearly 1000 m2 which can propel it to more than 12 knots and seduces by the elegance of its slender, classic and sober hull. Its black color and name set the tone. Roxstar transgresses the codes of traditional boating to impose its style, in homage to the colors of nature, the nuances of the water which revive the rocky dynamics. A Rock ‘n’ roll spirit which aims at the pure pleasure of sailing to let yourself be transported to heavenly destinations at a slow tempo or a frenzied rhythm. 


Who has never dreamed of yachts charter to sail to faraway destinations without ever having the feeling of leaving their luxury villa. Wake up every morning discovering a new setting, jump out of bed in turquoise water and savor the pleasure of a breakfast under the cool breeze knowing that the sun will soon be playing the big game. Here, the pool is limitless and the swimming sessions are not counted in basin lengths but in species of fish encountered. When the chef announces that lunch is ready, the taste buds get excited in the shade of the awning as the open sea opens up appetites. Soon it will be time for a nap, which some will prefer to spend on the comfortable sunbathing benches while others will place their towels in a corner of the huge deck. But the need for solitude never lasts very long and long evenings around a well-set table will be the opportunity to welcome on board friends we met at the heart of a fishing party or to enjoy a privileged moment, with the family, after having dropped anchor in a small cove. This is the top of luxury all-inclusive vacations.


Here, when nature dictates its law, we take pleasure in being comfortably seated in a welcoming lounge where B&B Italia furniture and custom-made facilities remind us that to succeed the great adventure often implies leaving nothing to chance. Once the sun sets, the 3 large skylights allow you to savor the chef’s signature cocktail while observing the spectacle of the stars, the first fruits of the tasty dinner served in the dining room area. This is what we expect from prestige vacation rentals.


The 7 crew members of this luxury sailing yacht are at work to make you enjoy the best of navigation and meet all your desires. Sailing enthusiasts will be able to share their best adventures with the skipper while others will enjoy being pampered, without ever wondering what the purpose of such large sails is, nor by what a miracle the breakfast service is as refined as in a Grand Hotel. 


Forget your cell phone and cut ties with stressful life during the cruise. Find yourself and become aware of the true pleasures of living in the heart of nature. Breathe. Smell. Hear the gentle lapping that rhythm your new life. Feel the caress of the sun on your skin. Experience the feeling of a return to the sources to live new adventures.