When the sun slips away, we appreciate being in the warm atmosphere of the cabins dressed in American walnut with dark ribs. The curves are soft, the finishes silky. The bathrooms are all adorned with dark marble, whose veins undulate along the walk-in showers, echoing the movement of the waves that make the boat dance. 


At nightfall, the show continues for the lucky ones in the large Master Suite with its panoramic glass roof, King size bed, bathroom with Hammam shower with Italian gray marble walls and a large canvas by the Dutch artist Jan Gulfoss in a very Rock ‘n’ roll spirit. 


With a capacity of 10 people, Roxstar offers all its groupies exceptional accommodation conditions. The four double cabins are spacious yet intimate and each feature a large canvas of a famous music star. Falling asleep under the gaze of Miles Davis is a privilege for all generations. Air conditioning, wifi, Sat TV on a large OLED screen are some of the equipment offered to those who have chosen an all-inclusive luxury stay.